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Standard Shipping Boxes

Corrugated boxes provide some measure of product protection by themselves but often require inner components such as cushioning, bracing and blocking to help protect fragile contents. The shipping hazards depend largely upon the particular logistics system being employed. Stardard shipping boxes come in vairety of sizes and shapes, including tall boxes, long boxes, cube boxes, flat boxes, printer boxes, telescoping boxes, corrugated trays and bins, white boxes, master boxes, and side-loading boxes. These boxes are made of the same strong 200# material.

Choosing the right shipping box depends on the shipping items. Cube boxes are perfect for shipping cylindrical round, or custom shaped products. Corrugated trays are used for moving plants, bottles or other small items. Cardboard flat boxes are perfect for odd shaped item like a mirror, clothes or artwork. Long shaped boxes feature wide openings along the length to make loading these boxes easy to load. Master boxes are designed to consolidate shipments to save on freight costs when shipping multiples of the same or various products. Printed materials need very specific sized boxes in order to protect the corners, and printer boxes help to prevent damage to catalogs, letterhead, forms and many other common print materials out there. Frames, mirrors and artwork require special shipping and handling. Use side-loading boxes for these items. Tall boxes can be used to ship golf clubs, shelving fishing rods and many other odd shaped items. To extra long items or multiple items with various length, use telescoping boxes instead of tall boxes. Customers who constantly place shipping labels on their boxes, find using white boxes can help make those labels stand out. By using clear carton sealing tape to seal these white boxes will help preserve the unique clean look of these boxes.


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