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Insulated Shipping Kits

Insulated shipping kits include foam or plastic containers, cold packs, cold bricks, box liners, and moisture safe packages that would protect perishable items during transit and prevent excessive heat or cold from damaging the products.

The cool shield bubble pallet cover will cover a whole pallet and maintain protection even in moist or humid conditions. Simply cover top, and sides, and wrap with Stretch film and you are all set. Great for pharmaceuticals transporting food, or other sensitive products. Insulated box liners can be used to create your own insulated shipping containers. These liners are sold in the standard box sizes are one-piece making setup easy. These liners have been FDA approved and work great when used with cold packs. By combining the liners with gel refrigerants you can ensure your product quality, taste, color and texture. Ice Brix manufactures cold packs with biodegradable polyethylene film, which degrades into water, biomass, and carbon dioxide. These gel refrigerates have an 18 month shelf life when stored correctly. Be assured that once the degradation process begins, it will continue even in the landfill. Tech Pack pouches is made from non-woven polyethylene material for a superior strength performance. Because these pouches are sealed with a laminated film, it features a flexible, puncture resistant performance.


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