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Clear Poly Tubing

Poly tubing adds flexibility to your line without stocking a wide variety of bags. This poly tubing is designed for your shippers to make custom bags in seconds. Available in various sizes. 1.5 to 2 Mil poly tubing are designed to offer the luxury of a custom fit poly bag and the flexibility of a wide variety of bag sizes without the inventory expense. 3 to 6 Mil poly tubings are made of a strong design that is designed to offer superb quality, strength and functionality. These bags offer a solution for cataloging and organizing a variety of products. The mil weight of this tubing will help to determine the products that fit comfortably and will not compromise the structure of the bag created. Simply cut tubing to desired length, insert product and heat-seal both ends. This tubing is supplied on 12" diameter roll, which should help a shipper establish their desired size. To seal this tubing a shipper must heat seal one end and then twist tie the other end. Meet FDA and USDA requirements for food applications. Close bags with Heat Sealers, Bag Tape or Twist Ties.


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