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Shrink Film Equipment

Shrink wrap equipment makes it easy to pack and repack items. Our systems have a built-in adjustable timer with LED light and made from heavy-duty steel construction. Shrink film system includes a bar sealer, a variable temperature heat gun and 1 super sealer service kit. shrink film heat guns are used for heating shrink films, thawing pipes, removing adhesive stickers, removing paint and varnish, or loosening rusted or over tightened nuts, screws and more. This shrink film equipment is truly a multipurpose gun that can be used for a variety of applications. Heat guns are very similar in shape and construction to a hair dryer, though they run at higher temperatures and are used in the industrial industry. Shrink Film Service Kits are there to service your shrink film systems. They come with a sealing pad, 5 - 3 Mil PTFE glass cloth tape strips for sealing arm, 3 - 10 Mil PTFE glass cloth tape strips for sealing pad replacement, wire, micro switch, arm spring and Fuse. This shrink film equipment will repair and/or replace damage and worn pieces of your shrink film equipment. Shrink film systems offer a combination of the highest quality products, service, and equipment will help increase your operating efficiency making you more competitive in your marketplace.


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