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TGC Chloronite® Chemical Glove - Extra Large - Pair - 440604


Ideal for hazardous chemicals, burning alkali, corrosive acids, fuels and damaging solvents; the TGC Chloronite® Chemical Glove could be the one glove the replaces all the rest. Designed and manufactured to withstand harsh chemical environments but with a lightweight construction for use in lab, paint booth, aircraft maintenance or in any job where dexterity is needed.

Unlike many heavy, bulky, chemical resistant gloves, the Chloronite® glove from The Glove Company is designed for ambidextrous use. It features a co-polymer technology with a proven twin material matrix resulting in a red outer surface of polychlorophrene and a white inner surface of accelerator free nitrile. The combination of these two compounds provides superior chemical resistance. The Chloronite® glove offers comfortable, extended use and can be used over and over.

So, whether you're handling or processing chemicals, cleaning or degreasing with strong formulations, working with oils or petrol, the 12" Chloronite® Chemical Glove gives you the chemical flexibility and manual dexterity you’re looking for.

The Glove Company Chloronite® Chemical Gloves XL are packaged 2 ambidextrous gloves per bag and meets EN 374-ABCDEGHIJKL, EN 388:1101, EN 420 standards

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Product Specifications

  • Brand:
    The Glove Company
  • Product Type:
    Chemical-Resistant Gloves
  • Glove Material:
    Polychlorophrene / Nitrile
  • Glove Construction:
  • Resistant Properties:
    Methanol Acetone Acetonitrile Dichloromethane Carbon Disulfide Diethylamine Tetrahydrofuran Ethyl Acetate n-Heptan Sodium Hydroxide Sulphuric Acid 96% Unleaded Petrol Methyl ethyl ketone Xylene Skydrol
  • Thickness:
    13 mil
  • Size:
  • Overall Length:
    12 in
  • Color:
    Hi-Vis Red
  • Package Quantity:
    2 ambidextrous gloves per bag
  • Trade Name:
    Chloronite® Chemical Gloves
  • Case Quantity:
    2 ambidextrous gloves per bag
  • National Stock Number (NSN):
  • Standards Met:
    EN 374-ABCDEGHIJKL EN 388:1101 EN 420

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