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IDC & Tap Connectors

IDC (insulation-displacement connector) and tap connectors create sealed connections without the need to strip or solder wires. Various types of IDC connectors accommodate different types of connections. Run and tap IDC connectors connect a wire end (tap) to a through-wire (run). The self-stripping IDC connector fully insulates both wires at the connection point. Run and tap IDC connectors are also available in moisture-resistant designs and feature a special seal to protect against moisture. Pigtail connectors can accommodate three wires in one insulated unit for additional connection configurations. Other types of connectors fit in-line to provide quick termination. In-line bullet IDC connectors tap onto an existing wire at any location. A male bullet facilitates a reusable plug for additional connections. T-tap and quick-splice connectors also accommodate new connections without any manual cutting or stripping. T-tap connectors have a female connector and a male blade to complete a T-splice. Most quick-splice connectors are made of plastic for splicing with a pair of pliers.


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