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Shims & Spacers

Shims are thin, often wedge shaped pieces of metal used to buffer or space between two surfaces. Shims are used to limit wear from vibration on machines, by providing a wear surface in between the two moving bodies. Shims and spacers can also be used in leveling and securing unbalanced machinery legs and stabilizers. Shims are similar to washers, however they differ in that washers are often flat and disk shaped and used to evenly distribute weight or load forces in a threaded fastener system. Shims are different in shape and not as commonly used with threaded fasteners.

R.S. Hughes is pleased to offer shims made from quality steel and aluminum. To find the right spacers for your needs filter product results below. If you require something different or have additional questions feel free to contact us at your local R.S. Hughes branch, by phone, email, or stopping by in person.

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