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Painter's Tapes

Painters Tape are specialty masking tapes designed specifically for painting applications. Not all masking tapes are painter's tapes, painters tapes have special qualities that make them ideal for painting with clean lines and detail. There are two fundamental improvements that make them special.

First, painter's tapes have a longer period of time that they can be left on a wall before they will leave undesirable residues after their removal. This makes them ideal for jobs when speed and precision matters. Being able to remove tape from a wall without fear that it will strip the paint of what's underneath it, and not leave a residue behind is what makes painters tapes worth the price.

Second, painters tape is designed to prevent edge bleeding when used with water based paints. Masking and painters tape often share the quality of being backed by paper, however, painters tape will resist the buckling, folding, and wrinkling that a water-based paint would cause to a regular masking tape.

R.S. Hughes is pleased to offer painters tapes from the leading manufacturers of painting supplies, tapes and adhesives. We stock a variety of tapes in different sizes, widths, and backing materials. We are also pleased to offer custom cutting. If you are interested in having one of our painters tapes custom cut to a specific size, contact your nearest R.S. Hughes branch for more information.

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