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Masking Paper, Cloths & Tape

Masking tapes, paper, and cloth are essential products in a wide range of applications. Masking paper is commonly used on vehicles to protect against bleed through of gelcoat, urethane, and enamel paint.

Masking tapes are used in general purpose applications including painting, sealing, bonding, and attaching. These tapes may have rubber, acrylic, or silicone adhesives. Rubber adhesives work well in moderate, indoor temperatures while acrylic adhesives withstand higher temperatures and can be used outdoors. Silicone adhesives have an even higher temperature resistance.

General masking tapes are different from painter's tapes, and have a more varied use. Painter's tapes will have a longer adhesion time before leaving a residue, and can be removed easily for precise painting applications.

If you require custom sizing, we are proud to offer conversion services for our tape products. Contact your R.S. Hughes representative or your nearest R.S. Hughes store for more information.

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